The 4me SailPoint Connector

The 4me SailPoint Connector makes it possible for organizations to connect their SailPoint Identity and Access Management solution with 4me introducing a single point of entry for all application related access requests using the 4me Self Service portal and automated provisioning by SailPoint IdentityNow.

The 4me SailPoint Connector is a real-time connection of 4me request functionality into SailPoint IdentityNow. It offers the full 4me front-end experience including the use of 4me app while using the SailPoint IdentityNow capabilities in the back-end. 

SailPoint IdentityNow

Management of identities and associated access is of key importance from a security compliance perspective. IdentityNow is SailPoint’s IAM tool, market leader in Identity Access Management software solutions. The 4me SailPoint Connector enables the best of both worlds, allowing customers to use the 4me Self Service portal for the IAM capabilities of IdentityNow. 

Setting Up the Connector

The connector is hosted on the Joost-IT integration platform. After determining the applications that are managed in IdentityNow and the roles or profiles that can be requested, a connection between both systems is established.

To ensure the appropriate data is passed from 4me to IdentityNow at the appropriate moments a mapping is created. Customer guidance is provided for proper setup and functioning of the connector. Once configured, automated unit tests are added to monitor the connector is not affected by new releases on either side of the connector.

After acceptance testing in QA the 4me SailPoint Connector is deployed to production.


What happens in case of a network-related connectivity issue? Are requests queued and delivered once the network connection is reestablished?
A notification is sent on repeated delivery failures. For 3 hours requests will be retried for delivery. After 3 hours the undelivered requests remain available for a week for manual processing through a simple click of a button.

Will adding, removing or updating roles or profiles in IdentityNow require manual updates to the connector or on the 4me side?
It is not necessary to update the connector for this. Only for new applications for which no 4me service instance exists yet a new service instance will need to be created in 4me.

Is the 4me SailPoint Connector cloud-based or is an on-premise installation also possible?
The connector is offered as a cloud-based service, where on-premise is possible for situations that require the handling of regulatory compliance requirements


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© 2023 - 2024 Joost-IT
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& De Goudse Wolf