Simple and Seamless Integration

Organizations are increasingly relying on external vendors to support essential business processes within their organization. The demand for strong vendor management and governance is growing. One of the challenges lies in integrating a vendor into the service delivery chain. Often, the vendor uses its own Service Management tool, creating a "black box" for your organization in terms of service delivery. Our integration platform, 'Connected,' provides a solution for this.


Connect Services

Connected is designed to realize and manage integrations between all ITSM/ESM tools available on the market. By establishing an integration between your vendor's tools and your own tool, you gain better control over the process.

Tickets are updated in real-time, and both organizations have access to the latest status. Information is no longer lost in emails or scattered across different platforms. You have full control, making it more efficient and effective.

Integration Examples

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Realize an integration

Currently, exchanging data between applications is cumbersome or doesn't happen at all. You rely on methods like email, copy/paste, or complex imports to keep information consistent across different systems. It would be much easier if relevant data could be automatically exchanged, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of errors. 

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