Universal Service Management

The USM method is a service management approach for service-oriented organizations. Joost-IT is an accredited USM implementation partner. This means that we can expertly guide the implementation of the USM method through our USM-certified consultants.

What is USM?

Universal Service Management (USM) is a universal methodical approach to managing service delivery. The USM method provides a standardized management system through which a service organization manages its people, resources, processes, and services. This method establishes the foundation for the management system within organizations. From this foundation, further building can be done by applying practical examples such as ITIL, BiSL, DevOPS, etc.

With the USM methodology, you only need five processes, supported by eight workflows, to perform and manage all activities within a service-oriented organization. This allows for quick implementation, elimination of unnecessary process steps, and contributes to cost efficiency and service excellence within a company.

What does USM deliver?

With USM, you can achieve standards (such as ISO27001, NEN7510, or ISAE3402) in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The USM method offers an easily learnable approach based on business principles. With USM, the organization quickly and affordably gains control over its processes.


Discover how 4me supports USM principles and workflows. Download the whitepaper.

Explore the possibilities

Our certified USM consultants assist organizations in implementing the USM methodology. They can configure ESM tooling and optimize processes using the USM method. Do you want to make consistent decisions and gain control over your organization's processes? We are here for you!

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