4me Enterprise Service Management

More and more organizations are relying on services provided by external parties. This requires a different approach to these services, as well as the processes and tools that support them. Service Integration And Management (SIAM) is a governance model that helps organizations gain better control over services delivered by external parties. This also involves an ESM tool that seamlessly supports SIAM. 4me® is a cloud-based Enterprise Service Management solution (ESM) designed to optimize support for the SIAM model. 4me's technology enables internal departments, such as IT, HR, and Facilities, to collaborate seamlessly with each other and with managed service providers. This allows customers to perform multi-cloud governance and multi-vendor management, even beyond the traditional IT environment.

Next-Generation ESM

4me is the first Enterprise Service Management (ESM) application specifically built to support SIAM. It enables an organization's internal and external service providers to collaborate seamlessly and provides real-time insight into the level of service being delivered. The mission of 4me is to help customers manage all services, whether they are delivered internally or outsourced. The service is designed to manage all the services that an enterprise relies on, not just IT services. The 4me solution is ideal for automating activities and offering a single service portal for all employees of the enterprise for all types of requests.

The SIAM Solution


4me & Joost-IT

Joost-IT regularly analyzes the ESM tooling market. For us, 4me is a strong and innovative player that helps organizations advance in ESM maturity. Setting up the tool based on services prompts support departments to think more about the services provided to the internal customer.


Customer stories

Standardized processes and real-time service level reporting. Read the story of myBrand.


'There is no second chance for a first impression.' Discover the benefits of Enterprise Service Management for the onboarding and offboarding process!


Our 4me Services

Where previously the focus was on Configuration Items and resolution groups, 4me makes the transition to services that are recognizable to the consumer.

As a partner of 4me, Joost-IT provides implementations. Our specialists ensure a seamless fit with the requirements and desires of your organization. Additionally, we perform daily 4me management tasks. We focus on continuous improvement by applying relevant innovations and market developments to your organization.

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