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Stephen Ley

Partner Joost-IT

'Making people happy'

My career started in a small restaurant with a beautiful waterfront terrace. There, I learned how to make people happy. Not just with delicious food, but also by creating an environment where they could relax and have a great evening. It started with welcoming guests as they walked in the door. And sometimes, it meant asking for a moment of patience when I had just heard the kitchen bell and couldn't let the dishes get cold.

That's how I learned to set the right priorities and communicate directly. I paid close attention to the body language of the guests. Did they want to ask something? Did they seem unsatisfied? I would anticipate and communicate with colleagues throughout the chain: behind the bar and in the kitchen. Balancing, keeping an overview, and ensuring perfect timing. Because taking too many orders at once would overwhelm the kitchen.

At Joost-IT, we also create an 'organization' for our clients where they can achieve their goals. Based on experience and intuition, we know how to prioritize to make the chain function optimally. We are the hosts who serve the answers to all your IT questions in the right order.

Marco de Zoete

Partner Joost-IT

'Making a difference together'

Organizing is in my blood. Vacations with friends, neighborhood World Cup pools, knowledge evenings at employers. I enjoy it when things are well organized. Once, I was missing an impossible screw from a second-hand, adjustable bed I received from IKEA. Together with an employee, we flipped through 10-year-old brochures and found the corresponding bed. A week later, an envelope arrived in the mail. From Sweden. With the missing screw.

I still tell this story regularly. Why? Life is simply more enjoyable when you notice that people are thinking along with you. A nice segue to my other passion: Service Management. There is a lot of thinking going on in IT organizations. At the same time, many problems still exist. And that's understandable. After a few years of work, it's almost impossible not to be part of the problem. A fresh and expert perspective from the outside can work wonders. It generates new energy that allows you to take the next step. Without the IKEA employee, I might have been searching for that impossible screw for a long time. To create that feeling - that you're making a difference together - we, at Joost-IT, leave our homes every morning.

That's Joost-IT.

Our profiles


4me Team

As a 4me Consultant, I am dedicated to helping clients maximize the benefits of the 4me tool on a daily basis. I provide advice on process design and how 4me can best support these processes. Additionally, I assist clients with the necessary changes in their workflows that come with implementing 4me. Working alongside other colleagues, we engage in project-based collaborations with various clients. Being involved in functional challenges and technical solutions, and ultimately ensuring client satisfaction, brings me a sense of fulfillment in my work.


TOPdesk Team

Designing a solution in TOPdesk that truly helps the customer energizes me. I support various clients on a weekly basis across different industries. In all cases, I am responsible for translating requirements and demands into TOPdesk solutions. Making a difference as a TOPdesk Consultant and ultimately achieving customer satisfaction is why I do this work. Additionally, I collaborate with my colleagues to improve the Joost-IT approach.


Freshworks Team

My years of experience in the Service Management world have exposed me to various forms of process and tool implementations. My first advice to a client is always "adapt the processes to the tool" to align as closely as possible with the tool's standard functionalities. Fortunately, Freshworks offers extensive functionality that seamlessly supports almost every process. With the straightforward implementation methods, I can also dedicate ample attention to process transformation.

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